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Keep up with the Backstreets tour page for up-to-date Springsteen 2012 tour dates! →
  • May 25 - Frankfurt, Commerzbank Arena
  • May 27 - Cologne, Rhein-Energie Stadium
  • May 30 - Berlin, Olympic Stadium


  • July 12 - Vienna, Ernst Happel Stadion


  • July 17 - Dublin, RDS Arena


  • July 21 - Oslo, Valle Holvin
  • July 23 - Bergen, Bergenhus Festning-Koengen


  • July 27 - Gothenburg, Venue TBA
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Three 2012 tour dates announced for France! →
  • June 19 - Montpelier, Park & Suites Arena
  • July 4 - Paris, Bercy
  • July 5 - Paris, Bercy

Stay tuned to brucespringsteen.net for information about onsale dates!

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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band to play Rock In Rio, Lisbon 2012! →

A organização do Rock in Rio acaba de confirmar a presença de um dos artistas mais aguardados de sempre pelo público português: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band vão atuar no Palco Mundo na 5ª edição portuguesa do maior evento de música e entretenimento do mundo!

O cantor norte-americano e a sua banda voltam a Portugal no dia 3 de junho de 2012, depois de 19 anos do único concerto que deu em solo nacional, satisfazendo os pedidos de milhares de fãs que anseiam pelo regresso do autor de êxitos como “Glory Days”, “Born in the USA”, “Streets of Philadelphia”, “Hungry Heart”, “Born to Run”, “Dancing in the Dark”, entre muitos outros.

Tendo em conta o grande interesse do público por este artista, a organização do Rock in Rio decidiu antecipar a venda de bilhetes exclusivamente para este dia, possibilitando desta forma que o público os adquira mantendo o valor da última edição do evento: 58 euros. Os interessados podem adquirir o seu bilhete a partir do dia 3 de dezembro na FNAC, em 69 sucursais do Millennium bcp, nos postos de abastecimento da BP aderentes (30 euros + 1.500 pontos BP Premium) e no site oficial do evento em www.rockinriolisboa.sapo.pt. Relembramos que quem já tiver adquirido o Kit de Natal do Rock in Rio-Lisboa 2012 pode trocar o voucher entre 7 de março e 7 de abril por um bilhete para o dia do concerto de Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.

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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Italian Tour Dates and Ticket Info →
  • 7 Giugno - Milano, Stadio Meazza
  • 10 Giugno – Firenze, Stadio Franchi
  • 11 Giugno – Trieste, Stadio Nereo Rocco


"La prevendita dei biglietti per la data di Milano sarà avviata on line sul sito TicketOne.it e tramite call center giovedì 24 novembre alle ore 16.00. 

La prevendita dei biglietti per le date di Firenze e Trieste sarà avviata on line sul sito TicketOne.it e tramite call center alle ore 16 di giovedì 1° dicembre. 
Sarà possibile l’acquisto di 4 biglietti al massimo per ogni transazione.”

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Bruce Springsteen Tour 2012 - OFFICIAL

Well, things are starting to heat up down on E Street. A lot of you have been hearing that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be on tour in 2012. That is absolutely correct. The European dates run from the middle of May until end of July and are being announced this week. Info on the US dates and the World tour dates will coming up shortly.

In addition, we want you to know that the music is almost done (but still untitled), we have almost settled on the release date (but not quite yet), and that we are all incredibly excited about everything that we’re planning for 2012. That’s all the info we have for right now, but we’ll get back to you—real soon. via brucespringsteen.net

Aaaand a good morning to y’all too.

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wesandersigh asked: I'm in a pickle. There's this one video/live recording where he says " And remember, nobody wins unless everybody wins" or something like that and I really want to find it again but I can't hdshjfk. Do you happen to know what the hell I'm even talking about?


Sounds like you want the official video for Born To Run!

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Brilliant Disguise
Bruce Springsteen
Columbia Records/USA (1987) 

One loooong zoom; no edits. A first for MTV, no doubt. Bruce said that after ‘85 he “turned inward” to concentrate on writing “about men, women and love.” It’s uncomfortably intimate as the camera gets closer and closer to Bruce’s mug until the extreme close-up of his face obscures that nice retro kitchen. An appropriate vibe for an uneasy song about self-doubt and the loss of faith and trust.

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